Bookmarks That Look Like Tiny Legs Sticking Out Of Your Book

Olena, an architect from Ukraine, is also the talented owner of ‘MyBookmark’, where she hand-makes and sells creative bookmarks that make it look as thought there is a tiny person squashed between the pages of your book, with only their legs sticking out.

She has created a delightfully diverse collection of bookmarks that features distinctive pairs of legs wearing eye-catching pants and shoes, with many of the designs being inspired by characters in well-known books—for instance, one of her best-selling designs is the ‘Wicked Witch’ bookmark, which is based on the villain in The Wizard of Oz.

There are are also bookmarks that pay tribute to famous shoe brands like Christian Louboutin, and others that are based on famous pop culture characters and cute animals.

Check out more of these quirky bookmarks on Olena’s Instagram account.

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