Best Travel Destinations In 2015


Its tempting to want to go back to the old favorites – London,Paris,New York. But what about discovering somewhere new?Somewhere off the beaten path,a travel destination yet to be fully discovered,an underrated city,or an experience only few will ever tick off their bucket lists?Here are the 15 best travel destinations in 2015–put’em at the top of your lists and beat the crowds,these destinations are set to boom in 2015 and beyond.

 1. Bosnia & Herzegovina

Earlier this year WOW gave you 10 reasons to visit Bosnia & Herzegovina and the post went absolutely viral on social media.Why?A picture tells a thousand words,and Bosnia & Herzegovina is one of the most picturesque countries off the beaten path.Fortunately it is still flying very much under the radar–making now the perfect time to visit.


2. Ireland

The land of green pastures and torrential rain.Ireland really lives up to its cliche in the best possible way.But what is still surprising to most who visit Ireland is the unparalleled natural beauty to be discovered here.Added with some of the friendliest people in the universe and you have yourself one of the world’s most enjoyable countries to visit.


3. Patagonia, Chile

Wondering what’s at the end of the world?Hiking the W trek in Patagonia (pictured above) is one of the biggest trophies you can have on your travel wall of fame.Be sure to consider an off-season visit for the most grounding experience–no one wants to walk behind trails of tourists in the wilderness.


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