Artist Burns Holes In Paper With Incense Sticks To Create Amazing Art

Jihyun Park, an artist in Korea, has found a unique and quintessentially Asian approach to pointillism – he uses burning sticks of incense to burn tiny holes in huge sheets of rice paper, arranging the tiny holes into beautiful, relaxing artistic compositions. (via:boredpanda)pointillism-incense-stick-burn-rice-paper-jihyun-park-1__880

The use of incense to burn these holes isn’t merely a novelty: “the word ‘utopia’ in Korean is ‘Yi Sang Hwang’ and ‘Hwang’ means ‘incense,’” the artist writes. “It is my hope that the ‘moments’ I capture of my subjects are ones when they are at their most ideal– true utopias. pointillism-incense-stick-burn-rice-paper-jihyun-park-2__880

While drawing them with the incense, I am ‘holding’ a split moment of harmony in my hands.“He also considers his art to be a reflection of the concept of Yin and Yang – the “balance of dark and light, emptiness and substance is the essence of ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ and through this balance utopia is achieved.pointillism-incense-stick-burn-rice-paper-jihyun-park-6__880 pointillism-incense-stick-burn-rice-paper-jihyun-park-9__880 pointillism-incense-stick-burn-rice-paper-jihyun-park-10__880 pointillism-incense-stick-burn-rice-paper-jihyun-park-12__880 pointillism-incense-stick-burn-rice-paper-jihyun-park-13__880 pointillism-incense-stick-burn-rice-paper-jihyun-park-14__880 pointillism-incense-stick-burn-rice-paper-jihyun-park-15 pointillism-incense-stick-burn-rice-paper-jihyun-park-16 pointillism-incense-stick-burn-rice-paper-jihyun-park-17


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