Architect Wants To Build Underwater Tennis Court In Dubai, Looks Utterly Epic

Remember all the fuss people made when talk of Wimbledon getting a roof emerged? Yeah, well one Polish dude, Krysztof Kotala, has blown all that out of the water with his plans to make an underwater tennis court.

The projected pictures from the architect are simply stunning and we would love to see this dream made into a reality, and think stars like Rafael Nadal would flock to play at whatever tournament was held at the underwater stadium in the Persian Gulf.tennis1

The cost would obviously be huge, but the amount of money that could be gained from revenue and sponsorship would surely offset it – eventually. tennis2

Dubai is no stranger to amazing buildings, playing host to the world’s tallest tennis court, on top of the Burj al Arab skyscraper, so we think it’s only natural for this to be the next step – and what a step it would be. (via unilad)

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