Animal Street Art From Garbage

99% of people see old plastic containers or metal scrap like unnecessary garbage. However, when artist with pseudonym Bordalo II looks at such a mess he starts to thinking what animal is he going to create from it next. He only needs to arrange old objects founded on the street and by using colour sprays real 3D street art arises. You can see for yourself in the pictures below;

1483980_619854448073462_1194102186_o_zps3fd328fc9 bordalo-1_zps9e8a0a4f10 bordalo-2_zps7742176210 bordalo-3_zps9e49875410 bordalo-4_zps541d14799 bordalo-5_zpse81282e39 bordalo-6_zps55c39de19

Source: thisiscolossal

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