Amazing HD Color Footage Of Berlin From 1945 Right After End Of WW2

It’s hard to imagine what the city of Berlin might have looked like in the immediate aftermath of WW2, but Kronos Media, a historical-documentary-focused media production company in Hamburg, has released a HD color video that will get us as close as we can to actually being in Berlin in July of 1945. The video shows a city devastated by war, with chains of rubble-clearing teams, facades pock-marked with bullet-holes, and government buildings covered in Allied graffiti.

Believe it or not, the footage is not colorized – it was shot by U.S. Air Force military cameramen on Kodachrome color film. The footage by the First Motion Picture Unit was working on a project called Special Film Project 186, whose purpose was to document the post-war damage of Europe’s greatest cities. The footage, provided by a separate German media company called Chronos Media, has an added ambient soundtrack as well.

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