A Couple Built Their Own Floating Island Accommodations, But That’s Not Even The Best Part


A Canadian couple have wildlife for neighbors and they are more than happy with those accommodations. Wayne Adams, 66, and Catherine King, 59, have lived on a floating home creating a sustainable lifestyle since 1992 in Cypress Bay, British Columbia.

Their home aptly called “Freedom Cove” is part of 12 floating platforms for various uses such as a guest lighthouse, five greenhouses, a dance floor, a studio and even an art gallery. The couple does not own a refrigerator, instead their meals come from the food grown in the greenhouses and whatever the catch of the day is from the ocean.

The drinking water is collected from a waterfall in the summer and rainwater in the winter. Adams and King used to have the structures powered by solar panels that broke down, forcing them to use a generator.

The couple has no interest in going back to a more modern lifestyle. King says, “this is how I will live for the rest of my life.”

Catherine King proudly sits with her dog and vegetables harvested from her garden.1

There are 5 greenhouses on Freedom Cove. 2

A generator supplies them with 3,000 watts of power. 3

Their guests can stay in the lighthouse. 4

The gardens provide the couple with all the food they need year around. 5 6

The buildings are all painted magenta and turquoise. 7 8

It’s a whole new level of off the grid living. 9

Wayne and Catherine love their lifestyle and it fits them perfectly. 10

(via: lifebuzz)


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