9 Perks Of Being A Woman Who Doesn’t Spend Much On Beauty Products

Even if money grew on trees, I wouldn’t spend it on makeup. Being a low-maintenance person, I’m more of  a ‘get up, dress up, show up’ kind of person. And having a hectic schedule is a cherry on the cake. While there are women who like to splurge on cosmetics, there are some of us who prefer to keep it clean.

Here are 9 perks of being a woman who doesn’t spend on beauty products.

1. You save a ton of money




2. And so, you can splurge on other things




3. You can work well with limited resources


One swipe of the kajal and you’re sorted.


4. Expensive parlour treatments? No need


You’re good to go anyway.


5. You don’t have to bother about the many choices there are to look beautiful




6. Packing for vacations and holidays becomes easy


And it doesn’t take too long.


7. Getting ready for any occasion is not a hassle


Get up, dress up, and show up.


8. You’re a pro at knowing things that will make you look naturally beautiful


You’re the boss.


9. Lesser the products you use, lesser the chemicals, and healthier your skin



10. And finally, you know that the simpler you keep your daily regime, the more confident and beautiful you feel, every single day



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