5 Places to see before you Die

5. Venice Canals (Italy):

Romantic, relaxing, serene and captivating, this floating city bewitches you and makes you fall in love instantly. Tired of the fast moving lives and vehicles, people retire to Venice to have a lazy ride in a gondola around the city’s liquid streets. Venice is famous for its Gothic and Byzantine palazzos, bohemian shops and alluring cafes. The place is an engineered heaven for folks looking for romance, warmth and adventure all together. It is a masterpiece carved out of marble and a sight that might not be around forever. So, before wasting any more time thinking, grab a ticket and fly off to the land of canals.


4. Stonehenge (UK):

Towering gigantically and imploring the sprawling city at its foot, Stonehenge flaunts one of the world’s most awe-inspiring prehistoric megalithic monuments. Everything from its tremendously huge megaliths to its concentric structure exudes ancient sophistication. The time of its creation is disputed, but historians agree that it was built sometime between 3,000 B.C. and 2,000 B.C. However, the purpose of its creation remains one of the greatest archaeological mysteries. Book a ticket to see England’s most iconic tourist attractions and reflect about the ancient mysteries today!2

3. Taj Mahal (India):

Built in the name of love, the beautiful white marble mausoleum still stands as a symbol for everlasting love that Mughal emperor Shah Jahan had for his beloved third wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Designed by an Afghan, Ustad Ahmad Lahori in 1632, the structure has been called the jewel of Muslim art in India, and rightly so. One cannot but fall in love with its immense expanse of lush green gardens and imposing white minarets, looking down at young, love-struck couples with an air of unperturbed loftiness. The white, romantic complex stands as one of the world’s most remarkable architectural masterpieces and is definitely a must visit!1

2. The Eiffel Tower (France)

One of the most beloved landmarks of Europe, and a symbol of recognition for Paris, France, Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel. It was the tallest existing structure then. Historians narrate that Eiffel declared to build the tower for the 1889 World’s Fair and expected a delightful response from the people. However, to his disappointment, his announcement was met with scepticism and scoff. Yet he went on to complete the project and the tower now stands as world’s number one tourist attraction and brings home a revenue of about $561.9 billion according to a 2012 report.1

1. Machu Picchu (Peru):

The existence of the mountain-top ruins was not known to anyone living outside the Urubamba Valley until 1911, when an American historian, Hiram Bingham, mentioned the five-century old, pre-Columbian site in his travelogue. The striking architecture and structure suggests that the site was once a home to the Incas. A tiresome yet adventurous two to four day hike up the Inca Rail may take you to the old peak, but if you are looking for luxury, you can also take the train and stay overnight in a nearby hotel to explore the site at length.1

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