5 EASY Steps To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Black Light Device!

Sure, you might not need to possess a blacklight. Then again, who really “needs” to possess anything? That doesn’t mean having one isn’t loads of fun.

And while it might be a little bit over-the-top to run out and buy yourself a black light, as it it turns out, you can make one for yourself. All you need is some Scotch tape, a couple of Sharpies, and an iPhone.

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Now, you’ve got a fully functional black light that not only fits in your pocket, but also can be used to view things only visible by blacklight. We love the look of this black lit sign. 6

Of course, the creators of this little DIY had something else in mind. We recommend that you don’t use your cool little gadget for anything quite this disgusting – although, you might want to bring it along with you the next time you stay in a hotel. 7



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