5 Countries With Super Awesome Secret Organizations


United Kingdom

If you have ever watched a James Bond film then chances are you probably think you know a lot about the secret organizations in the UK. There are two key players in the United Kingdom, MI5 and MI6. The most famous of the two is the Security Service, also known as Military Intelligence Section 5 (MI5). This section was originally derived from the Secret Services Bureau in 1909 and was used to keep an eye on the German government initially. By 1914 this bureau was split into two sections and the MI5 was born. The MI5 now concentrate on foreign threats, counter-terrorism and counter-espionage. In 1996 this was also extended to serious crime and now MI5 supports the UK law enforcement agencies in this area. It is thought that this secret organization closely monitors members of the British public, something for which they came under fire for in 2006 when it was discovered they held secret files on 272,000 individuals. The MI6 is the Secret Intelligence Service, which was originally made famous by James Bond. Those who work for MI6 are adamant that there is nothing very exciting about their work, which is carried out at their headquarters in Vauxhall, London. However, we have seen the Bond films and we think they might be telling lies. After all, they specialize in supplying the British government with foreign intelligence…Which means spies! Again, it was formed in 1909 in order to keep an eye on the German government. MI6 has played a big part in the First World War, Second World War, the Cold War and various significant events since then. They even helped capture Saif al-Islam Gaddafi in a top secret mission named Operation X.


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