5 Countries With Super Awesome Secret Organizations


For centuries countries have built up their own secret services, intelligence organizations, and even scary, secret police forces in order to become the biggest and baddest country in the world. If you’ve ever watched action movies then you have probably even seen some of these secret organizations being portrayed; albeit in the Hollywood sense. However, what do you really know about these bad ass secret organizations? We have found the 5 countries who have the biggest and baddest secret service teams and you may be surprised by a few of them.


Anyone who watches television has probably heard of the US secret organization; the CIA. The Central Intelligence Agency is one of the biggest intelligence gathering agencies in the USA, although there are several more in circulation. It started off as the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) which was formed in World War II, in order to coordinate secret espionage activities. It was then in 1947, when the National Securities Act was put together, that the CIA became what it is today. There are 5 main priorities of the CIA, which are:

  • Counterterrorism, which is their new top priority thanks to the Global War on Terror
  • Nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons
  • Warning the leaders of America about important events overseas
  • Counterintelligence, particularly focusing on Russia, China and Israel
  • Cyber intelligence, which has only become a priority in recent years

They have an in-depth training course which readies employees for the life of a CIA agent. Most of which has been borrowed or learned from the British secret agencies, MI5 and MI6. They also work closely with the MI6 in order to share information about potential threats and analyzing any information that has been collected. One of the biggest parts the CIA has played in modern history came after the 9/11 attacks and the beginning of the Global War on Terror. Operation Nepture Spear was their most famous missions, in which Osama Bin Laden was killed. The CIA had spent years gathering information on Bin Laden, including capturing and interrogating members of Al-Qaeda. The raid was executed from a CIA base in Afghanistan and saw members of the US Navy Seals and CIA take down the infamous Osama Bin Laden. This makes them pretty bad ass in our eyes!


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