4 Weirdest And Most Effective Ways To Stop The Hiccups

Hiccups can be a trouble for you, especially when you are talking to someone special or in an interview. There is no medicine for stopping them and sometimes if they go for long, may create embarrassment for you. But, you need not worry for long as I have some very good and effective ways to cure these Hiccups.

Let’s know the cure.

1. Be a kid and stick out your tongue. 


If hiccups are not stopping just show them your tongue and you will see the results.

2. With plugged ears, drink a glass of water. 


Plugging the ears while drinking the cold water can be quite helpful to stop the hiccups.

3. Have orgasm. 


Having an orgasm can say bye bye to hiccups.

4. Rectal massage is quite helpful.


Try this, when you get hiccups.

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