33 Illegal Photos Captured From Extreme Heights Will Make Your Palms Sweat. OMG!


Being Young and Wild, this is so true for Some of the urban Climbers who are not scared of death. Some of the Russian climbers have decided to climb tallest building in the world. They have travelled to Dubai, Hong Kong, Germany to take breath taking photorgraphs. All of the photographs will make you heart skip a beat. All of these are trained and live their life dangerously. These daredevils have captured photographs from craziest heights, Walking at insane heights.(via: vamshare)

Tallest Building in China- The Shanghai Tower

Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-1-1 Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-1-2 Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-1-3

On the Roofs project at Hong Kong.
Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-2-1 Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-2-2 Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-2-3 Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-2-4 Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-2-5 Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-2-6

On the Top of Christ Redeemer. Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-3-1 Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-3-2

On top of Cologne Cathedral. Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-4

World’s Tallest Tower (till 2012), Princess Tower, Dubai Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-5

Europe’s Tallest Buiding- Mercury City tower- Russia. Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-6-1 Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-6-2 Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-6-3

In Mother Russia. Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-7-1 Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-7-2 Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-7-3

Other Places in Dubai. Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-8-1

Eiffel tower, France, Paris. Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-9-1 Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-9-2

Cologne Cathedral, Germany Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-10 Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-11

On Top of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-12-1 Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-12-2 Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-12-3 Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-12-4

Skyscrapers in Toronto. Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-13-1 Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-13-2

Some Other Locations Unknown. Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-14-1Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-13-3 Ultimate-Heights-Pictures-14-2


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