3 Signs Your Loved One is Suffering from Hidden Depression


According to recent statistical research from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 9 percent of the US population is suffering from depression, a serious condition that can make the sufferer experience chronic feelings of guilt, remorse, worthlessness, shame and sorrow.

People suffering from depression need the support of a loving family and friends who will help them overcome their psychological burden so they can move forward in life and live more happily. Many times, however, it’s difficult for one to discern when someone is suffering from depression, mainly due to the fact that usually the sufferer tries to hide it from people so as to avoid the negative social stigma that is usually associated with that mental illness.

Below are 3 revealing signs that will help you better understand if a friend or loved one of yours is secretly suffering from hidden depression:

Spends too much time alone.

People who are suffering from hidden depression usually spend too much of their time in isolation. They prefer being alone, avoiding contact with other people, and this can last for weeks or even months.

Frequently cries with no apparent reason.

Another sign revealing that your loved one may be suffering from hidden depression is that they might frequently have crying spells for no apparent reason. Usually sufferers from depression think of their hard past and this causes in them a lot of emotional turmoil.

Holds a negative outlook on life.

A person who is suffering from depression usually interprets everything in a negative way. Whatever happens to them, they don’t like it, and sometimes they even see people as being enemies of theirs that want to harm them.


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