26 Ingenious Car Repairs That Are Too Creative For Their Own Good

Having issues with your car? Don’t bother going to a professional mechanic or anything. I mean how hard could it be?

This air filter also makes your car smell just like the movie theater.1

No wheel? No problem! 2

Any pane of glass taped up will fix a broken window. 3

Or for a better fit, use a real window with nice energy-efficient foam seal. 4

Flat tires can be easily be remedied with a garden hose. 5

Tape is always handy to repair your car. 6

It can even be used to get a fresh “paint” job. 7

Any metal can be molded into a replacement door. 8

Bungee cords are just as strong as any seat belt. 9

Don’t spend the cash on a new wiper if you have an old glove laying around. 10

You can 2D print a new headlight in no time. 11

Or if you actually want drive safely at night, cram a few flashlights in there. 12

Great fix to get the steampunk look. 13

Lawn chairs are a little less safe compared to a real seat and all, but whatever. 14

Any door lock will do. 15

Now with added security. 16

Never throw out your old belts. 17

CDs can become gas tank covers that also add a little shininess to the car. 18

Front doors aren’t just for your house anymore.  19

And bathroom mirrors are almost the same shape as the ones on your car. 20

From a distance you can’t even tell it’s not a real tail light. 21

Zip ties are very professional looking and can hold almost anything together. 22

Any trash you see lying around can be useful. 23

Wood adds a little weight to the car, but is great for bumpers… 24

…and even doors. 25

I think what we’ve learned here is to just slap a band-aid on any car problem to fix it for life. 26

(via: distractify)

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