25 Funny Animals Who REALLY Love Their Foods

For a lot of people, food is basically the best part about being alive. In fact, if pesky things like work, sleeping, and breathing didn’t get in the way, there are plenty of folks who could revolve their entire lives around food: Cooking it, serving it, and eating the hell out of it.

As it turns out, humans aren’t the only one who enjoy great meals on a routine basis. Animals love food too, so much so that sometimes, their excitement cant get them carried away. Below are 25 animals that are enjoying a special moment with a delicious snack. You might even be a little bit jealous of #21.

#1. Eating a carrot that’s almost as long as its body.1

#2. He prefers it with butter and salt. 2

#3. A tough looking wolf looks less tough when eating a watermelon. 3

#4. Cheez-Its are his guilty pleasure. 4

#5. He doesn’t know when to stop himself. 5

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