25 Best Places To Travel In 2015… #16 Is PERFECT For A Romantic Date.


#6. St. Peter’s Basilica

The most recognizable landmark in Rome next to the Colosseum, St. Peter’s is the largest church in the world. It was built on Vatican Hill, in the historic center of the city. The basilica was named after St. Peter, who died a martyr and was considered by many to be the first official pope.


#7. Milan Cathedral (Duomo)

This amazing structure took nearly six centuries to complete. Once finished, it secured its spot as the fifth largest cathedral in the world. The cathedral is dedicated to St. Mary of the Nativity.


#8. Alcatraz

The federal prison on Alcatraz Island is located in California’s San Francisco Bay. The prison operated from 1934 to 1963, and housed some of the country’s most dangerous felons. Among those who served time at the maximum-security facility were the notorious gangster Al “Scarface” Capone and murderer Robert “Birdman of Alcatraz” Stroud. No inmate ever successfully escaped this facility, which was nicknamed “The Rock.”


#9. Corcovado – Cristo Redentor

Corcovado, which means “hunchback” in Portuguese, rises over 2,000 feet above the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At the very top of the mountain is a statue of Jesus Christ with his arms spread wide, known as “Christ the Redeemer.” At night, the statue is visible from nearly every part of the city.


#10. Golden Gate Bridge

Though it’s one of the most iconic and beautiful American landmarks, it could have been far uglier. In fact, the design for the Golden Gate Bridge was initially rejected. The bridge’s original design, produced by chief engineer Joseph Strauss in 1921, resembled “an upside-down rat trap.” Strauss agreed to scrap the design, and reworked his ideas into something more graceful.


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