23 DIY Projects For All Your Leftover Wine Bottles


There are a bunch of awesome and simple ways to turn your old wine bottle and corks into all sorts of DIY works of art. So when you finish that bottle, make sure you hang on to it.

You’re gonna want to turn it into something beautiful.

1. Use Them For Tiny Flower Pots.01-DIY-wine

2. Or For Cheese And Butter Knives. 02-DIY-wine

3. Hanging Lights. 03-DIY-wine

4. Etch Something On The Side And Make A Classy Soap Dispenser. 04-DIY-wine

5. Use The Cork To Make Key Chains. 05-DIY-wine

6. How About A Bejeweled Picture Frame? 06-DIY-wine

7. Use The Bottles For Oil Lamps In The Summer. 07-DIY-wine

8. The Corks Make Great Miniature Planters. 08-DIY-wine

9. Dream Big With A Wine Cork Chalk Board. 09-DIY-wine

10. Having A Party? Make Sure Everyone Knows Where To Sit With These Placeholders. 10-DIY-wine

11. Make Some Noise With Some Wind Chimes. 11-DIY-wine

12. Create A Rustic Look By Wrapping Them In Yarn. 12-DIY-wine

13. It’s For The Birds! 13-DIY-wine

14. A Cork Bath Mat Ties The Room Together. 14-DIY-wine

15. Bring Some Color To The Room With Ombre Wine Bottles. 15-DIY-wine

16. Show Your Spirit With A Cork Wreath. 16-DIY-wine

17. Metallic Candle Holders Modernize Any Space. 17-DIY-wine

18. Make Jewelry That Anyone Would Love.

19. Make A Centerpiece With Epsom Salt Covered Bottles. 19-DIY-wine

20. Or Use Glitter Instead. 20-DIY-wine

21. Accent Lights Will Set The Mood. 21-DIY-wine

22. Add Chalkboard Paint For A Crafty Container. 22-DIY-wine

23. Use Wine Bottles For Great Candles. 23-DIY-wineSource: Buzzfeed


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