22 Unbelievable Visual Effects From Movies And Shows

While watching a movie at home or in theaters, sometimes we forget the special effects that go into bringing a film to life.Movies have come a really long way as far as computer-generated realism. In fact, we want to prove this to you. Recad through this post, and then wait until the very end for a little surprise.(via:lifebuzz)

Life of Pi1 2

The Great Gatsby 3 4

Oz The Great and Powerful 5

Game of Thrones 6 7 8 9 10

The Avengers 11

District 9 12

Gravity 13

Dark Knight 14

The Hobbit 15 16

Ironman 17

The World of Wall Street 18

The Walking Dead 19 20

The Secret in Their Eyes 21

Boardwalk Empire 22

Deadly Honeymoon 23

Ugly Betty 24

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 25

Grey’s Anatomy 26

Alice in Wonderland 27 28

300 – Rise of an Empire 29

Godzilla 30

RoboCop 31

You’ve probably seen a lot of these movies, and agree how realistic they are…BUT, do you know how far we’ve come? Share this story if you are amazed at how far technology has come!

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