20 live maggots found under man’s skin


A man from Guangzhou, China, was horrified when he was found to have 20 maggots living under his skin after he complained of sore and itchy blotches on his body.

He had spent six months working in Africa and when he returned home, he went to see local doctors about his itchy skin but his condition did not improve.

He endured the itching for another two weeks before seeing a dermatologist at the Shenzhen Nanshan Hospital.

The dermatologist examined the man’s pus-filled sores and determined that maggots were nestled underneath under the skin of his abdomen and right thigh.

The man later underwent a minor surgical procedure to extract a total of 20 wriggling live maggots from his body.

The maggots were later identified as tumbu fly maggots, a type of blowfly whose larvae is known to feed on living human tissue and is common in parts of east and central Africa.

Travellers to Africa, where the parasitic flies are prevalent, are advised to take precaution against insects.

Source – Mirror


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