16 Animals That Have Fallen Completely In Love With Windows


Romeo and Juliet. Jack and Rose. My dog and my pillow. Any proper love story is built on the inexhaustible attraction and unending affection between two star-crossed lovers.

Now we apparently have a new pair to add to the list of classic love stories: the unorthodox love between the animal kingdom and glass window panes. For these 16 love-crazed critters, a rose by any other name would have nothing on a good old-fashioned window.

When in doubt, lick the crap out of it. (via:distractify)01-animals-licking-windows 02-animals-licking-windows 03-animals-licking-windows 04-animals-licking-windows 05-animals-licking-windows 06-animals-licking-windows 07-animals-licking-windows 08-animals-licking-windows 09-animals-licking-windows 10-animals-licking-windows 11-animals-licking-windows 12-animals-licking-windows 13-animals-licking-windows 14-animals-licking-windows 15-animals-licking-windows 16-animals-licking-windows 17-animals-licking-windows


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