15 Mini Horses You Don’t Want Your Kids To See


These miniature horses can be the perfect pets for those living in the country. Small enough to be easily transported and requiring less feed than a regular horse, they are a good animal to introduce little children to the equestrian arts. Their docile nature and long lifespan also make them suitable as assistance animals for persons with disabilities.

Miniature horses must measure 34-38 in (86–97 cm) when measured from the mane, and were first developed in Europe in the 1600’s. They were popular amongst nobility as pets, but their small size also found them work in coalmines. Their use increased after the 1842 Mine and Collieries Act, when the UK forbade the use of children as mine workers.

1. “Look at me, I’m adorable.”1

2. “I’m just out here looking adorbz”2

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