15 Cool Buildings Shaped Like Their Company Product

From a product marketing perspective, nothing is worse for a brand than trying to sell a product from a boring, tattered building with a sketchy design and bad signage. That’s why it can be said that when these companies designed their locations, they were thinking smart. They actually incorporated the brand of their company right into their buildings’ design.(via: diply)

Adidas Shoebox Pop-Up Store, Barcelona, Spain


The Big Pineapple, South Africa 2

Gibeau Orange Julep, Montreal, Canada 3

Grand Guitar, Tennessee, USA 4

United Equipment, Turlock, California, USA 5

Big Shoe Repair, Bakersfield, California, USA 6

Coney Island Hot Dog Stand, Colorado, USA 7

Toilet Museum, South Korea 8

Tonneau Bistro & Bar, Okinawa, Japan 9

Meitan Tea Museum, China 10

The Donut Hole, La Puente, California, USA 11

National Fisheries Development Office, India 12

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