11 Weird Animals You Didn’t Know Could Fly

You may have thought that animals needed flying abilities to rule the sky, but several species can achieve takeoff by using their skin, ribs, and even silk to glide through air. These animals that take the phrase when pigs fly to heart!

1. Malabar Gliding Frog1

The Malabar gliding frog can use its webbed feet to trap air like a parachute. At any threat of danger, the frog can plummet down from treetops quite the feat for an animal who is only 4 inches long!

2. Flying Squirrel 2

The southern flying squirrel has a layer of skin called a patagium on either side of his body that allows him to travel 30 feet without touching the ground. The patagium acts like a flexible parachute while the squirrels flat tail is used as a rudder. For a dramatic entrance, the squirrel can increase its gliding potential by jumping from trees, covering nine times its normal flying limit!

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