11 Completely Unknown Facts That You’ll Want To Know About China

Even though we live in an age where information about all over the world is right at our fingertips, we often still walk around in our own little cultural bubble with no knowledge of other parts of the world. Well, here are some quick facts about China that you probably had no idea about. Now you can tell people that you’re not wasting time on the internet…you’re learning. You’re welcome!(via:diply)

1. They’re using geese as the new “guard dogs”

They have excellent hearing and are said to be intelligent and brave. “In some ways, they are more useful than dogs.”


2. There are 13 million abortions performed each year in China

That equals out to be around 53,000 per day.


3. Traffic jams in Beijing cost approx. $11.3 billion

When the calculated time being wasted, gas use, and environmental damage was added up, they found that 70 billion yuan (which is around $11.3 billion) is the financial damage.


4. Air pollution in Beijing is like smoking a pack a day

Apparently spending one day breathing the air in Beijing is the same as smoking 21 cigarettes.


5. Toilet paper was invented in China and was only for emperors.

So next time you’re on the toilet and wipe yourself clean, take a moment and revel in the fact that you’re on the porcelain throne and your bottom is getting the treatment of an emperor.


6. Fortune cookies are NOT a traditional Chinese custom

It was actually invented by a worker in the Key Heong Noodle Factory in San Francisco.


7. Eggs cooked in a virgin boy’s pee is a delicacy

They collect buckets of urine from primary school toilets (preferably, the boys are younger than 10) and cook the eggs in the pee. They say that it has health properties. Some doctor’s disagree.


8. Pins are strategically placed to keep officer’s standing at attention


9. They have a cellphone lane for pedestrians…

…although, it’s only in a theme park. The marked out part is for cellphone users only, and there is even a sign to explain.


10. Alice in Wonderland was banned in China

It was in 1931 that the ban was placed and it was because animals were using human language.


11. Police are trained to hold their arms at an exact height for the military parade



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