11 Best Countries To Vacation To If You’re A Single Guy

3. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv nightlife crop

Tel Aviv is an exotic destination that is all about the beautiful beaches. Tel Aviv is a modern city that is filled with young people. It is Israel’s hotspot for nightclubs. It also offers several parks, as well as cultural centers.

The young women of Tel Aviv are well-known to be fun, spirited and open to associating with tourists. The nightclubs of Tel Aviv are full of great music and cold beer. Tel Aviv’s beaches are stunning and packed with beautiful bikini clad women and exotic drinks. It is the perfect location for a single guy to find romance and adventure without spending a fortune.

4. Bangkok


Bangkok has become a wildly popular vacation destination over the last several years. It draws a much younger crowd than it did in the past. It is legendary for its cheap prices and unforgettable beaches.

Bangkok is filled with a large number of young and intelligent people. It offers a busy nightlife and amazing tourist attractions. It offers exotic sites to visit such as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Grand Palace. Bangkok, of course, is also known for its beautiful women. It also offers a mix of history, tradition, fun and romance and for a single guy that can be a winning combination.

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