11 Best Countries To Vacation To If You’re A Single Guy


As a single guy, when it comes time for some rest and relaxation you want to be where the weather is warm, the nightlife is fun and the women are plentiful. Most single men are looking for fun, amazing sites and a vacation that they can brag about to their buddies.

The United States offers a lot of awesome vacation destinations for single men, but so do other countries. Single men will find the lure of a foreign country that offers a real adventure truly hot. Traveling to a foreign country can open up an all new type of adventure for a single man. The thought of exploring a new country where the culture is different and the women are something you have never experienced before is a real turn on for single guys.

If you are a single guy looking for a great getaway, a foreign country could be the answer to your vacation dreams. The 10 places listed below are places that offer opportunities for meeting that someone special, you may end up spending the rest of your life with, or maybe just a few nights with. These are just great places for you and your bachelor friends to just have fun and hang out. Let’s take a look at the top 11 countries that are perfect for a single guy to vacation at.

1. Berlin, Germany

berlin germany

In Germany, Berlin has a lot to offer a single guy. The city has a thriving nightlife, unforgettable sites and the woman of Berlin are among the most beautiful that Germany has to offer. Berlin is also a safe place to visit because taking advantage of tourists is almost unheard of in Berlin.

Berlin’s architecture is stunning and packed with history. Berlin also offers everything you need for a little romance including cozy hotels, intimate restaurants and you can take a romantic boat trip down a tree lined canal. Berlin is also packed with museums and the sites and nightlife can be enjoyed without emptying out your wallet.

2. Italy


As a single man, Italy should be on your list of foreign countries to vacation in. Rome is a city that is a must-see. Rome itself is a living relic. Known as the Eternal City, Rome offers historical splendor, beautiful views, museums full of masterpieces and it has a well -known reputation for having glamorous and beautiful women.

Rome is a city that you can easily lose yourself in. It offers a lively nightlife and is full of adventures. Romance seems to be in the air you breath in Italy, especially if you are watching a beautiful sunset from a terrace with a beautiful woman.

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