10 Extremely Strange Looking Trees

Even common trees are amazing enough, but some trees are just spectacular, whether by their sheer size, age or shape or through mysterious properties they seem to possess. There’s the tree that serves as the single sign of life in a vast barren desert, the ones as old as dinosaurs and the almost sinister yet beautiful trees that snake their roots through ancient temples. There are undoubtedly hundreds of magnificent tree specimens in the world, as there are so many fascinating and visually stunning forests, but here is a selection of 10 particularly incredible trees that are nothing short of breathtaking.

1. El Arbol de la Sabina


Native to El Hierro Island, Spain, the El Arbol de la Sabina, which means “Juniper Tree,” produces a liquid that becomes gin when distilled. And it’s bizarre shape is due to the winds that constantly change it.

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